Imigration Matters

Immigration Documents and Process

The processing of immigration documents such as extension of stay, change of visa type, exit and multiple re-entry permits can only be performed at the Class II Bukittinggi Immigration Office located in Baso, Agam District which is about 40 km from the campus of ISI Padangpanjang. To Ensure the immigration process is as efficient as possible it is hoped all student will:

  1. Be using a 6-day VISA upon arival in Padangpanjang
  2. Prepare passport photos
  3. Take the time to fill out forms and take pictures and fingerprints at the immigration office.
  4. Be patient. The Immigration process takes time.

In addition to the initial immigration process, all students are required to¬† process their “Exit Permit Only” at the Bukittinggi Immigration office before departing to go home at the end of the program. This is a compulsory requirement for immigration and if not completed will lead to legal consequences including not being allowed to return to Indonesia.