ISI Padangpanjang has made MoU with several universities in other countries namely Songkhla Rajabhat University and Suratthani Rajabhat University in Thailand, Deakin University in Australia, and University of Northern Philippine in Philippine. Through this MoU we can do some collaborative works whether in performance, exhibition, workshop, seminar, teaching, or research.


ISI Padangpanjang has also been invited by Indonesia Embassy in Yala, Thailand for Participating in a festival (The embassy send us formal invitation letter addressed to our Rector. And this embassy has invited ISI Padangpanjang twice, this year and last year) and by Indonesian Embassy in Manila, Philippine for participating in Indonesia events in Philippine (this embassy also send us formal invitation letter addressed to our Rector).


ISI Padangpanjang has also participated in events organized by local governments of other countries. Last year in October, ISI Padangpanjang participated in an international event called Kagoshima Youth Art Festival organized by Kagoshima Government in Kagoshima, Japan. Last year in October (same month) ISI Padangpanjang also participated in an international event called World Costume Festival organized by Vigan Government in Vigan City, Philippine. And these governments sent us Formal Invitation Letters addressed to our Rector. However, these local governments got the information about ISI Padangpanjang from Indonesia Embassy in their countries.